I am a broadly trained field and bench organismal biologist. My research laregely focuses around the evolutionary and ecological aspects of diadromous fish movements. I largely use artificial (acoustic telemetry and conventional) and natural (parasite) tags to do this. I also have a strong interest in using parasitic helminthes as a tool to study other evolutionary and ecological processes. I am interested in questions related to biodiversity, food-web patterns, fisheries and movement ecology, and host-parasite coevolution.

I love brewing and talking about beer because I really do believe it is one of the best combinations of art and science. I am also an incredibly lucky to be the father of an awesome kiddo. 




Helminth Taxonomy and Systematics

The University of Southern Mississippi

2014 Department of Coastal Sciences, PhD

Fish-Parasite Co-Evolution

Gulf Sturgeon Recovery and Movement Ecology

Habitat Connectivity 

Texas A&M University at Galveston

2007 Marine Biology, BS